Due to hot, dry conditions, a Fire ban is in effect as of July 9/21 at 10am for the RM of Oakdale and Village of Coleville.

The ban remains in effect until removed by the Fire Chief.

Authorized by the Coleville Fire Chief.

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SaskEnergy: Inspection of Natural Gas Lines in the Coleville Area

SaskEnergy will be inspecting the gas line system in the Coleville area between May and June, 2021.
This will be completed by a SaskEnergy or a qualified Field Representative who has been contracted to complete this work on our behalf. Field Representatives will wear hi-visibility clothing, travel in marked vehicles, and will carry identification indicating they work for or on behalf of SaskEnergy.
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COVID-19 update

The Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency is encouraging people to download the SaskAlert App so you can receive critical COVID-19 information in a timely manner.

For more up to date information, please visit the website.


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